a lady using an ATM machine

Interactive Teller Machine

Using an ITM

We've made it easy for you to make all your transactions from one machine. An Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) offers more functionality than an ATM. You can skip the line to make a deposit or withdrawal without seeing a Teller by utilizing you Nassau Financial Debit Card. It's your choice! Enable the self-service function to use an ATM, or opt to complete other transactions with or without a Teller present.

ITM vector image

Like You, We're Local

When you opt to speak with a live Teller, you will be happily greeted by a local, familiar face.

Flexible Use

Even when your local branch lobby may be closed, you have the option to speak with an ITM Teller to complete your transactions. Our ITMs are also available on Saturdays for your convenience.

Secure & Private

Utilizing an ITM is more than just convenient. You have the option to maintain security and privacy of your interaction by using the attached hand-held phone, using your own headsets to plug into the machine, or using the chat feature with a number of pre-programmed phrases.