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Bank at Work

Offer our Bank at Work program to your employees, at no cost to you!

Nassau Financial's Bank at Work program is a value-added service that you can add to your employee benefits offerings. Through on-site visits, seminars, and lunch & learn programs, our Business Development team brings great perks and the benefits of membership at Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union directly to your location, at absolutely no cost to your organization. We help enhance your employee offerings and improve the financial well-being of your staff by signing them up for membership with us. There's no obligation to sign up, and we make it a fun experience by bringing raffle prizes and account opening gifts along with our product offerings.

Why You Should Consider Becoming A Select Employer Group (SEG)

What is a SEG?
A Select Employer Group is a business or organization that establishes a relationship with Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union to provide a business relationship, financial services and literacy, improvement of financial well-being to their employees as an added benefit and advantage.
Benefits of a Select Employer Group
  • No hassle partnership: We do the leg work, not your organization or its employees.
  • Quick account opening process: Our application process can be done in minutes.
  • Free participation: There is no cost to become a SEG with Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union.
  • Free onsite presentations for your employees: At your request, we will host event presentations to go over the added benefits and perks of Credit Union membership with your employees and staff.

Benefits of Employee Membership at Nassau Financial
  • Convenient locations and access to over 30,000 Shared Branch Service Centers.
  • Lower Loan rates and fees compared to traditional banks
  • Higher yields on Savings Accounts
  • Exclusive Membership Discounts
  • Free Online Banking with Bill Pay
  • Free Mobile Banking with Remote Check Deposit
  • Free Checking Accounts
  • And so much more!
  • Become a SEG today and help your employees save!