Visa Debit Card

You can make purchases or withdraw cash wherever Visa® is accepted with our Visa Debit Card. It's automatically linked to your Checking Account for added convenience.

Use your Visa Debit Card to:
  • Swipe, sign, and go - purchases are deducted from your Checking Plus Account, eliminating the need to write a check or wait for ID approval.
  • Use your Visa Debit Card as an ATM card, so you can withdraw cash or check account balances at ATMs worldwide.
  • View itemized transactions on your monthly statement for easy tracking.


Fraud and Dispute Forms Are Available Here 

When the unthinkable happens we are here to help! Please click on the form that you need:

  1. Fraud Claim Form 
  2. Fraudulent Transaction Dispute Form
  3. Cardholder Dispute Form