Youth Accounts

Learn How to Make Your Money Grow with Nassau Financial's Youth Savings Accounts

The earlier one can grasp the value of money and learn how to save and grow it, the better. Money cannot buy happiness; however, it can help you afford the necessities at all stages of your life:  education, your wedding and honeymoon, your apartment, condo or house, your children and their needs, even saving for a comfortable retirement. With a thorough understanding of how to protect and grow your financial estate, you can plan your future and look forward to a bright one! Open a Youth Account and get started!

At Nassau Financial, we can help young parents give their newborns a great start in life by opening a Youth Savings Account - we'll even deposit the first $5.00 for you! Learning about money can be fun, not a chore, with Googolplex, the Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union guide for student money makers from elementary through high school.

Youth Savings Accounts Are Just the Beginning

In middle school and thinking ahead to when you'll want to go to college? Are you in high school now but not certain how to pay for your future education? Talk to us about our specialized youth accounts. We can provide the guidance you're looking for to understand how to finance your dreams.

Calling all parents and grandparents! Get your children started on the right track with their own Nassau Financial membership and Savings Account today. Young Investors, our three-tiered youth program, makes saving fun and educational. Children learn the benefits of saving in a federally-insured account and receive their own statements. Choose from the Youth Savings Club for newborns to age 12, Dream Builders for ages 13-15, or New Directions for ages 16-18. To learn more about how to get started on a lifetime of savings and financial responsibility, visit one of our branches or call us at 516-742-4900.