Visa Check Card

You can make purchases or withdraw cash wherever Visa® is accepted with our Visa Check Card. It's automatically linked to your Premier Checking Plus Account for added convenience.

Use your Visa Check Card to:
  • Swipe, sign, and go - purchases are deducted from your Premier Checking Plus Account, eliminating the need to write a check or wait for ID approval.
  • Use your Visa Check Card as an ATM card, so you can withdraw cash or check account balances at ATMs worldwide.
  • Get cash back at many retail locations at no extra cost.
  • View itemized transactions on your monthly statement for easy tracking.

Get added security from Verified By Visa for all of your online purchases whenever you use your Nassau Financial Visa® Debit (Check) Card. Click here to register or get more information.

Open Now

Coming soon: Chip-enabled Visa Check Cards!

Check the mailbox in late October 2016 for your new chip-card. Soon you can shop with added security-- just in time for the holiday shopping season!