Transfer Existing Accounts To Us

There are many reasons to transfer funds from another financial institution into an account at Nassau Financial.

  • No minimum balance requirements. Compared with banks, Nassau Financial offers attractive balance requirements. Depending on the type of account selected, there are either no balance requirements or very low balance requirements.
  • Less restrictive eligibility requirements. Many credit unions have less restrictive loan requirements. Chances are, if you have been denied a loan by a bank, you may still be eligible for a loan from Nassau Financial.
  • Secure funds. As a member of Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union, your savings are insured up to at least $250,000 by the Federal Government, just like at a traditional banking institution. Plus, you'll reap the added benefits of lower loan rates, higher savings rates and personal service. 
What You Need to Know When You Transfer to Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union

Perhaps you are thinking about applying for a loan in the future and know that the rates will be lower as a member of a credit union. Whatever your reasons, you should know that at Nassau Financial, we offer a fast and easy way to switch your accounts and direct deposits to your Nassau Financial account. Why not start the process today! Click here.