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At Nassau Financial, we understand the thrill and importance of finding, buying and owning a home. It's the "American Dream," a place where families are raised and memories are made, in addition to being a sound investment for the future. With a mortgage at Nassau Financial, your dreams are within reach. And we'll assist you every step of the way. View our current rates and then contact us to get started! Use our online appointment scheduler if you'd like to sit down with a Personal Service Representative at our Westbury Service Center and have all your questions answered. This service is available by appointment only, so be sure to schedule an appointment.


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Why a Nassau Financial Mortgage?

  • Flexible, competitive rates and terms.
  • Choose from a variety of fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loans.
  • You choose whether or not to pay points.
  • Lock in rate for 60 days without paying a fee.
  • Take advantage of our personalized application process. Apply in person or discuss options with a Senior Personal Service Representative at our Westbury Service Center or one of our branch locations.
  • Need to do home improvements right away? Consider requesting a Home Equity Loan at the same time you request the First Mortgage.
  • Consult your tax advisor regarding tax deductions.

First Home Club now available

If you are struggling to save for a home of your own and just can’t set aside enough for a down-payment, our First Home Club program may be for you. Qualified members may be eligible for up to $7,500 in matching funds toward the purchase of your first home. Grants are made available through the Federal Home Loan Bank and are subject to meeting certain criteria. Click here to find out more today!

Easy Access To Your First Mortgage Account Information

Already have a first mortgage with us and OwnersChoice Funding? Access your current account information here, including balances, payments, statements and more.

Meet Nassau Financial's First Mortgage Loan Originators

It is the policy of Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union to comply with the requirements of the Secure & Fair Enforcement of Mortgage Licensing (SAFE) Act and the statute's implementing regulations. The SAFE Act requires any credit union employee who acts as a residential "mortgage loan originator" to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NLMS) or Registry, to use the Registry's unique identifier as required, and maintain this registration. The following are the current registered MLOs at Nassau Financial and their unique identifier #:

  • Organization ID  -  #402599
  • Lorna Hall  -  #644000
  • Tina Gandolfo  -  #643999
  • RoseAnne Catalano  -  #643998
  • Bill Vassilakis  -  #932961
  • Cynthia L. Thompson  -  #784597
  • Emily Steiner  -  #1205296
  • Margherita Jensen  -  #1205297
  • Jason Colton  -  #1205298
  • Kenneth Busch  -  # 1205311
  • Ann White  -  # 1205309
  • Nona Raghunath  -  # 1205308
  • Mary Montenero  -  # 1205306
  • Maria Sequeira  -  #1205305
  • Gail Francois  -  #1205313
  • Cindy Indelicato  -  #1205307     
  • Mohammed Shaikh -  #1120961
  • Tanya D. Haynes  -  #1207956
  • Nicole Tomaszewski  -  #1207961

  • Jon Wang - #1558353

Information on each MLO can be found at

A registered mortgage loan originator (MLO) must provide their unique identifier:

  • Upon request
  • before acting as an MLO and
  • through the originator's initial written communication with a member, whether on paper or electronically

In addition, all Nassau Financial employees are able to provide the unique identifier of a registered MLO to consumers who request it from employees other than an MLO.

Get started on the path to homeownership with Nassau Financial today!